The EverQuest servers will be brought down tomorrow, September 21 at 6:30AM PST for the September update.  Daybreak’s patch notes can be found here and include lots of interesting fixes/tweaks/nerfs.  I anticipate there will be a fair bit of drama about the changes to bard dichotomic spells but I’m not going to touch that here as I don’t play a bard or a class that found recent dependence on bard dicho.

Call me a sad little man but what I am most excited about is this little blurb right here:

  • Added an option to the display tab of the options window that allows you to see pre-Luclin PC characters on mounts. The ability to summon and ride mounts is no longer disabled on pre-Luclin PC character models.

Huzzah!  I’ve never been a fan of the Luclin character models but we’ve been forced to use them for years if we wanted to use a mount.  I’m thrilled, nay, I’m ECSTATIC that I can cut down on lag and use the old pre-Luclin models and still use my horse.  Maybe I’m the only person who will be happy but I’ve got a huge grin right now and for some time to come.

Also, although probably not of much matter to most folks, there was this little tidbit:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the particles on the Battle Cat Mounts to not display.

Which should make Koryu happy.