I’ve been scouting Norrath almost daily for a few months checking to see what rare item Marcia has in her inventory.  Who is Marcia, you may ask?  She’s another of Daybreak’s methods of removing platinum from a bloated economy, similar to the old King’s Court Casino from Shadow Haven and Marcia’s been roaming Norrath since the end of September, 2014.  She moves daily between several areas and will offer a limited quantity of rare, no longer obtainable items for insane amounts of plat.  Some rare item collectors love her and others loathe her, it all depends on how they feel about their collections being “devalued.”

Normally when I find Marcia she’s selling something I’m not much interested in buying, especially for her uh… slightly outrageous prices.  I’d been telling myself if I ever saw a BladeStorm that I’d buy it, that being one of the few old world warrior weapons that I don’t have in my collection.  Today I found her with the BladeStorm!  But, when you calculate out the price the 90 nobles she wants equals slightly over 9 million pp.  Maybe I don’t want that old sword so badly after all.

The human model that Sony nearly inflicted on us all.

Collecting rare items seems far more popular than I realized.  I’ve limited my collecting to items that Egat actually used or would have used if I’d acquired them when they were available.  I’ve put together an extensive collection of warrior weapons hanging on the walls of my home but I’ll blog about that in a later post.