EQ Resource has announced the winners of their recent housing contest, a trifecta of victory!

  • Docventure – Cazic Thule; Willow Bridge Woods; 101 Vanward Street
  • Phancy – Drinal; Crimson Tempest Village III; 102 Market Heights
  • Sofia – Povar; Celestial Village; 104 Park Circle

I toured around the winning houses again just to see what they’d thought of as it’s always fun to see what uses an item gets put to.  Of the winning three I decided I liked Phancy’s the best.  The featured photo is of one of the best rooms inside their house, I especially loved the aquarium.  It was a great use of Icesy Designs display case, she’s always got the best items on the DB Marketplace.  Thank you Phancy, for taking the time to point out the little details.  Also found in Phancy’s house was the intricate forest window below.

There are far more items in this screenshot than you would think.

I’m happy a fan site is taking time to inspire players to create and show off their work.  It feels like EverQuest would rather not make the effort, especially after they discontinued the housing section of their forums in the not too distant past.  As I’ve said before in other places, EQ’s housing is far more customizable and fun than many of the other games I’ve played.  It truly gives the player room to do some great things.  The biggest limitation remains the item limit for house yards, it’s way too limiting.

EQ Resource also hinted they will be holding another contest for Frostfell.  Time to acquire a new plot and start planning a winning theme, I’ve already got a plan forming in my barbarian head!