EQ Resource holds regular housing contests which compete players with creative housing layouts around a central theme such as Frostfell or anniversaries.  EQ Resource’s current housing contest just closed yesterday and judging will be starting shortly, if not already.   This contest was to celebrate EQ Resource’s 5th anniversary, congrats guys!

I’ve entered in the past but promptly withdrew after realizing I hadn’t done nearly enough to be competitive.  Just throwing some snow and a few Frostfell decorations around, while feeling homelike, simply wasn’t on par with what other players had done on other servers.  I wasn’t willing to dramatically change Egat’s home and, frankly, completely forgot I could own and decorate other properties.  I promised myself I’d try a little harder for the next contest and after I saw their announcement I put together my plan of attack.

My little rogue, Cliffe, was living in The Wayward Lady which came with the collector’s edition of The Darkened Sea.  I’d not done much with this home other than to plant it for other players to visit and wasn’t attached to the current layout.  I envisioned a ship cast up onto a beach near a cliff (Get it?  Ha!) and let myself go from there.  The only real limitation is the very painful 105 item limit that Daybreak has imposed for yards.  Seriously, we need a way to expand that somehow.

A Pirate’s Hold

The inside of the ship has been filled with things I envisioned a pirate would be carrying:  lots of treasure and cargo.  The Wayward Lady is really massive, three stories and up to 600 items!  I couldn’t even begin to fill it up.  I went in a different direction on the second floor, it looks more like a home and contains a mediocre collection of rogue weapons as I haven’t played Cliffe as much as that sinister little halfling deserves.

Despite all this work I don’t expect to win this contest.  I’ve snuck on to the other servers and looked at the other entries and there are some amazingly creative people out there.  Here’s a list of my competition:

  • Keliani – Rathe; Battle Cry Village; 103 Terminus Street
  • Kirkisx Crestfallen – Luclin; The Valiant Ones Village; 105 Terminus Street
  • “Cabin in the Woods” – Rathe; Willow Bridge Woods; 101 Terminus Heights
  • Demonnah – Test; The Midnight Riders Guild Village; 102 Market Heights
  • “Scurvy Dog” Cliffe – Erollisi Marr; Pine Country Creek, 103 Terminus Street (Me!!)
  • Levente – Drinal; Colonial Island; 102 Market Heights
  • Docventure – Cazic Thule; Willow Bridge Woods; 101 Vanward Street
  • Sofia – Povar; Celestial Village; 104 Park Circle
  • Yanwolf – Povar; Sparklingwaves Village; 101 Terminus Street
  • Ashira? – Povar; Firestormers Village 2; 107 Betwixt Ave
  • Doomcasters – Povar; Unholy Czars Village 1; 102 Guild Way
  • Tabius – Xegony; Machin Shin Village IV; 107 Park Circle
  • Kunon – Bertox; Enceladus Village; 105 Brimming Heights
  • Phancy – Drinal; Crimson Tempest Village III; 102 Market Heights

Good luck to the competitors and thank you to EQ Resource for putting this on!