Do you remember when you looked at a character standing in Freeport and probably knew what equipment they were wearing just by the armor color and their class?  Not only did you know what it was, you probably know where it dropped and what the important statistics were.  I’d always take a peek at the other warriors just to see what they had and maybe dream about getting something similar for myself.

I was able to keep up with most itemization all the way through the Planes of Power expansion but the advent of armor dye and the increasingly massive amount of options quickly made this impossible without /inspecting a player or looking up a profile.  It was sometime during the Depths of Darkhollow when I realized I no longer knew the best equipment options for my character or where to get them without serious digging through online databases.

Speaking of online databases and profiles, did you know that Allakhazams has a character profile system?  I’d dabbled with it and then promptly forgot all about it with the discovery of the much better Magelo system.  A few years ago I remembered it and below is a capture of my warrior frozen in time circa 2003.  It’s worth a laugh and some warm memories.

State of the Art Casual, December 23, 2003

Things have changed a lot.  I still wish I had such an intimate knowledge of items across the game but you’d have to be inhuman to do that know.  We are lucky there are various websites to use or it would all be a big mystery.  See you in Norrath!