It’s been four years since I was part of a raiding focused guild, basically the entire time I was living in Asia.  Sure, I could have hopped servers and found a guild that matched my play hours but Erollisi Marr is my home and raiding wasn’t that important.  After thinking long and hard about whether I wanted to experience all that EQ had to offer, I decided to get back into the raiding scene.

I’m excited!  It’s good to be back with familiar names tackling challenging raids and reaping the rewards.  Our server is hurting a bit in this respect; actually, Erollisi Marr has been hemorrhaging raiders for years now.  We’ve not had server-wide top ranked guilds since Da`Kor back in the old, old days and back then I’m not so sure we really knew who was tops.  Now, with sites like Beimeith’s we know up to the hour what guilds have beaten which raids.  It’s about the only competition left in the game outside of Magelo epeens ranking.

In any case, big news is breaking soon regarding the raid scene on Erollisi Marr and it’s not up to me to announce it.  I’m quite happy about it, I think it’s something that will revitalize things for a lot of good people who have stuck it out.