Posted by: Orcpawn | December 3, 2012

The Joy of Exploration

Years ago an EverQuest guild existed known as the Armigers of Mirth, whose stated goal was the exploration of Norrath’s many bars and taverns.  As part of their charter they required their members to always carry at least two drinks and attempt to become an accomplished brewer.  I discovered this guild from a link that used to lurk in the brewing section of the EQ Traders website and I became fascinated with the idea of doing something similar on my server.  I never managed to carry my dreams as far as creating a website with a guide of each pub even though I spent lots of time taking screen shots in pubs and writing down the types of drinks available from the bartenders.  It really wasn’t necessary because the Armigers had already done it!  Below is an old screen capture of their website which, sadly, no longer exists outside of the Wayback Machine.

A portion of the Armigers of Mirth tavern review

A portion of the Armigers of Mirth tavern review

The point of all this is that once, in EverQuest, it was not uncommon to find guilds that were primarily focused on exploring and enjoying the game world.  It didn’t take long before raiding became the main focus for most guilds, especially the larger ones.  Although I’ve been a raider and truly loved the challenge of it, I’ve always felt that sometimes we were missing the point.  Currently, a guild like the old Armigers in EQ would probably call itself a family-style guild but I’ve found none on my server that make any effort to capture or promote their experiences in such a colorful and enticing way.  In fact, no guild seems to do much website updating of their activities in EQ aside from posts about which raid tier they have recently conquered.  For me, this has lessened my sense of community (even from those who weren’t on my server such as the Armigers of Mirth or the Seekers of Lore).

I make it a point now to always explore both new content and older content that I hadn’t truly experienced.  This blog will be the medium I use to transmit the pleasure I take in this to the world.  EverQuest and MMOs in general are usually so multifaceted that those who focus on just one portion, whether raiding or PvP are missing out on so much more.

If you wish to explore the old Armigers of Mirth EQ website, it can still be found here.  I will finish up with one of the shots I had taken for my planned list of tavern guides, fans of Halas may recognize this one, bonus points if you can name the tavern and double if you can name the famous quest that started here.

One of the many Halas pubs

One of the many Halas pubs


  1. I never played a Barbarian in all the time I played so I don’t recognize either. This post does have me thinking about what I want out of my EQ experience this time around. I doubt I will be participating in a guild but if I do I want it to be something like this, exploration and fiction focused rather than raid focused.

  2. I think the developers original intent revolved mostly around exploration and I’ve always enjoyed that aspect of MMOs.

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