Posted by: Orcpawn | December 1, 2012

Inaugural Post – The Perils of Nostalgia

My goal has always been to provide my perspective of the “current” state of the games I am playing.  Therefore, the level of nostalgia should remain low in these posts but, despite my goal, it is certain to show up.  I guess I am a nostalgic sort of guy.  As a lead off post I decided to discuss my nostalgia and why it is going to come back repeatedly on this blog despite my best intentions.

If you ask any veteran player of EverQuest what they remember about the “old days” they are sure to go on about how wonderful it was.  Even the game features that tortured us at the time do not look bad in the rosy glow of hind-sight.  The constant arguments with other players, having a player train mobs across you, the usual either waiting hours for a group or to reach a planned camp are shrugged off with a smile and a nod.  Losing all your items in a mistaken quest turn in, losing all your items in a forge when you accidentally pressed “combine” with the wrong items (or stack) in the forge or becoming a victim of a player scam in the East Commons tunnel; this was just the way it was.  We all lived it and even though most of us hated it we will all tell you how much we miss it now.

The logical part of my mind reminds me of countless hours spent wasting my time looking for a group, camping for a specific item or farming for some trade skill components.  Despite the stern and rather boring comments from one half of my head, the rest of my brain wants to sing out how wonderful it all was.  There are things you just don’t encounter in modern EQ such as players and guilds running buffing stations near newbie areas, guilds running public “drunken races” or scavenger hunts.  Players could be found dueling in the arena that almost every town and even the original Luclin bazaar contained.  I will reserve more on this for a future post but it must be said, the constant competition of guilds for contested raid mobs was also a very vibrant feature of the game.

The current “live” version of EverQuest is only faintly similar to the one we played almost 14 years ago; I suppose this is why nostalgia creeps in so easily.  Sony has responded to market pressure and player complaints and eliminated many of the old frustrations that, I argue, gave EverQuest its special feel.  The desiccated player-base has probably done the most to remove the feel of EQ.  Despite this, I still consistently enjoy my times online and I wonder if a different type of nostalgia will strike me in future years.

A screenshot of the Everfrost newbie area circa early 2001

A screenshot of the Everfrost newbie area circa early 2001


  1. Woot! Finally! I can never get enough of the classic EverQuest.

  2. Not sure commenting is working….

  3. Okay, I guess you have to log in before commenting. Anyway, so happy to see you putting your memories down on paper… pixels… whatever. All those years we spent writing stuff on the CE boards is mostly gone (I have it archived, but not in a working form so pretty useless).

  4. I miss the ability to view the CE news page. The forums still exist but I have difficulty accessing the content. I think Ysall is maintaining the forums (unless it is you, Tipa).

    I hope I can fill your expectations for classic EQ, it’s going to be my primary fodder here! 🙂

  5. I just jumped back in after years and years away. Much of the charm is still there I found.

  6. Thanks for the comment. Yes, EQ still has a lot of its old charm even if many of the mechanics have changed over the years.

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