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EverQuest in my blood


December 2012

My First Raid

I promised to stay away from nostalgia but I still lack an ISP that allows a connection to the EverQuest servers, for now, please walk with me down memory lane. By the time I started playing in late-2000, raiding in... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Exploration

Years ago an EverQuest guild existed known as the Armigers of Mirth, whose stated goal was the exploration of Norrath's many bars and taverns.  As part of their charter they required their members to always carry at least two drinks... Continue Reading →

Inaugural Post – The Perils of Nostalgia

My goal has always been to provide my perspective of the “current” state of the games I am playing.  Therefore, the level of nostalgia should remain low in these posts but, despite my goal, it is certain to show up. ... Continue Reading →

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